The Skinny

Eva & King is an online, curated jewelry boutique for the youthful thinking and believing woman who not only does it all, but looks fabulous while doing it.  We feature emerging designers from across the country, semi-precious stones and timeless pieces.  Our curated collection has been meticulously and obsessively selected for you and for us...the modern, passionate, ball-busting, smart, strong woman.

Unique quality. We are tired of the mass produced pieces that can be found in all stores and malls nationwide.  Eva & King features one of a kind, handmade pieces. We have a deep admiration for each of our featured designers who have spent tireless hours envisioning, creating, and hand-crafting the perfect piece with you in mind. 

Jewelry is not "just" an accessory to us.  Jewelry uplifts our spirits and our moods.  It has a story.  It requires our unique thought and creative energy.  It holds sentimental value. It makes us feel...well, special.  And what girl doesn't want that?

Rock with us.  Love with us.  Make a statement with us.  Piece by Piece.