Designer Spotlight: Ellie Vail

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Her pieces have been featured in Harper's Bazaar and Seventeen Magazines, seen on E! News with Giuliana Rancic, and being worn by some of our favorite girls in Hollywood including Christina Milian and Kristen Doute from Vanderpump Rules.
It's hard to believe that Ellie Vail Jewelry was founded just three, short years ago.  It's even more hard to believe that Ellie is ready?  Twenty-six years of age!!  I don't know if I should feel like a complete loser or if I should feel extremely inspired right now.  Either way, I think it's safe to say that Ellie Vail is a total #GIRLBOSS.  
Growing up, what was your dream job?  
I don't remember having one specific dream job in mind. However, I do know that I always wanted to work in fashion. In school, I used to doodle in my notebooks - everything from gowns to jewelry. Maybe that was a sign? ;)
Working with some of the world's most famous stars as a young stylist, any funny or embarrassing stories that come to mind when you first started working in the industry?  
Working as a stylist was one of the best experiences of my life. One particular client/moment stands out. Ethel Kennedy became one of my clients while working at Saks on Palm Beach. Mrs. Kennedy was about 84 years old and I was approaching 21. When I first met Mrs. Kennedy, I had no idea who she was. She had just come off the escalator and sat down on a display table - she looked exhausted. All of my colleagues were greeting her, so I figured she was a regular customer and a sweet old lady. I offered her some water and she grabbed my arm and told me she needed to get some Christmas gifts for her grandchildren. We walked arm and arm together across the whole 2nd floor picking out mostly sweaters. After she left, my manager told me who she was. 
Mrs. Kennedy ended up coming back that same week asking for me specifically. After shopping for some suits for her board meetings, she complained that her feet hurt. I told her to take her shoes off and she snapped at me "I can't take my shoes off here!". So, I took mine off first. We walked together through the Akris shop barefoot. The looks we got were priceless - especially since most people knew who she was.
Where do you get your design inspiration from?  
Most of my design inspiration comes from my personal style. A lot of ideas come while I'm getting dressed. Certain outfits call for certain pieces of jewelry. If I don't have the right piece, I'll design it and go from there. 
What is the one thing or accomplishment you are most proud of?
I'm most proud of my persistence. Starting a business is challenging. Building a business is even more challenging. There were many times when I thought I was going to fail, or wanted to quit. My business is a reflection of my dedication and it represents all that is possible if you believe in yourself and work hard. 
We've seen some pictures of Kristen from Vanderpump Rules wearing your designs.  Are you a fan of the show??  (Because we're obsessed)
Vanderpump Rules is one of my guilty pleasures! Kristen actually commented on one of our photos a few years ago. After getting in contact with her via Instagram, we've been sending her favorite pieces each season. They are currently filming season 6 and she just told me she will be wearing a ton of the newer styles! 
What is next for Ellie Vail? 
More jewelry, of course! I'm focusing on growing my business organically and continuing to offer quality products and service. I'm hoping to make a solid impression in the fashion jewelry world. 

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