Designer Spotlight: La Kaiser

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Okay….the following statement is as cliché as they come, but I’m going to commit to it.  Ready?  Here it goes:

If you looked up the word “ambition” in the dictionary, you would see a picture of our featured designer of the month, Cindy Kaiser.

Cindy was born and raised in Zimbabwe which was understandably a very humbling experience that impacted her outlook on life at a very young age. From there, Cindy moved to South Africa to pursue her BA degree in visual arts specializing in creative jewelry and metal design.  With her degree in hand, she took a one-way flight to star-studded Los Angeles where she took fashion courses at FIDM and apprenticed in downtown LA. Currently, this well-traveled, Swiss beauty has landed in the Windy City of Chicago where she is living the American Dream. 

Cindy has known from a very early age exactly what she wanted to do in life and she NAILED it.  

It sounds like at a very early age, immediately after High School, you already recognized your passion to design jewelry and knew you wanted to turn that passion into a career. If there is anything else you could imagine yourself doing for one day, what would it be?

I love Interior Design so I would probably explore creative opportunities in that field. One of the main reasons I love just chilling at home and working in my studio is because both spaces are designed to be as Zen as possible with soft pastels, delicate warm tones, plants and natural light.  

In the spirit of Fall, what's your favorite outfit or trend in your closet right now?

Vests and sweaters - I love cold weather!

What is your all-time favorite concert you have ever been to?

Coldplay- Live in South Africa, definitely!! It was high energy and a lot of fun!

On a Saturday evening in Chicago, where are we most likely to find Cindy Kaiser?

Something lowkey.  Possibly BBQing or walking along the Lake, spending time in Lake Geneva with Family, or just chilling and relaxing at home

What do you look forward to the most every day?

The fact that every day is different - so every day brings new challenges, new surprises and new creative adventures! .... Oh and I always look forward to Snow!  Which is very likely to occur in Chicago! 

What is the one thing or accomplishment you are most proud of?

Creating La Kaiser and being able to see my designs come to fruition.

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