Who is Eva? Who is King?

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What inspires a name?  Is a name really that important? Better yet- let me rephrase…is there anything more important than “THE NAME?”

A name is forever…A name is the identifier....A name is the first impression....so it better be right and it better be perfect.  Talk about pressure, right?

Then, just like naming your own child…boom…once you know, you know.  It fits. 

Exact same idea here. I thought I'd share the meaning behind the name, "Eva & King." Or in this case, the cuties behind it.  

Eva & King:

Eva is short for Evan.  Evan is my 5-year-old lady killa.  He will be starting kindergarten this year and turning the big 6 in January.  He’s a happy kid who is obsessed with drawing, coloring, building, creating, puzzling, all things engineering.  Believe it or not, when I first launched Eva & King last year, I asked Evan for his input and preferences between pieces.  The kid has good taste.  For real.  He also has some serious focus for a five-year-old and his ability to rhyme so many words with “pee pee” is quite incredible.

King is short for Kingston.  Kingston is my 2-year-old son.  He’ll be turning 3 in November.  Kingston is the type of beast that I’m still hoping to become one day.  He tells you like it is and takes crap from nobody.  He is a miniature man. Upon meeting him, people mistake Kingston for being shy and quiet with a major staring problem.  But really, he just doesn’t like you unless you’re in his inner circle.  Kingston aka King King is sweet, scary smart, inquisitive, and can hit every note to all the songs in “Moana.”  I personally think he’ll take Wall Street by storm one day, but now I sound like a psycho because he’s 2.  He’ll also attend Stanford.  Just kidding.  Nope- I’m not kidding.  Evan will too. 

So there it is- Eva & King is like my third child.  The little girl that I never had!  

So I will end this with how I opened it.  What inspires a name?  Is a name really that important?  For me...for this...for Eva & King?

Yes. My inspirations were my inspiration.  Nothing could be more important than what "Eva & King" is short for: the two little dudes that I live for.

Have a blessed day!


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